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Hygienic water for the private or public sector.

Control and visualization systems

The innovative measuring, regulating and control technologies from leading manufacturers are easy to understand control systems for swimming pools and hot tubs. Everything is all understandable, comfortable and safe for the operator. The views are regenerated on a flat panel display with touch-screen operation on a graphical user interface. With slight touches of the screen surface you operate all components of the water treatment. Elegant and comfortable from the equipment room or from another freely selectable installation site.


Does your pool need a metering system for the correction of the water parameters? If it is flocculation, chlorination, pH - correction or other necessary changes to the filling - or bath water, we have the facility suitable for your purpose. Easy to use - safe and reliable -. So you and your bathers permanently take pleasure in swimming or whirling.

filtration technology

With the single - layer or multi-layer filtration technology, as a pressured - or non-pressured filter system, hygienically clean water is a natural thing. According to the needs of your pool, we can tailor the appropriate filtration technology, either if it is a new construction or a renovation with a difficult open situation in the technical area, we have the perfect solution.

Skimmer technology

In pools with Skimmer technology the water surface is extracted via one or more skimmers. The water level here is about 22 cm below the upper edge of the pool. For private swimming pools is it the most compact and the most cost effective solution, because you can avoid using a water tank. In conjunction with a sufficient number of correctly arranged inlet nozzles, a good pool flow is achieved.

Overflow technique

A swimming pool with an overflow system provides optimal surface cleaning. There is also no dirt edge of the pool wall. You enjoy yourself while swimming an unobstructed view in all directions and feel the fast onset of wave calming very pleasant. The constantly on the overflow channel current water flows into a water tank, which also displaced by the bathers water and recycled lead. We have many years of experience with overflow systems. For each channel geometry, we offer appropriate channel processes in solid and corrosion-resistant design.

Our trained and longtime experienced technical staff can determine your perfect solution from the entire range of the leading manufacturers and you like legally binding.


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