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Cascade shower


No limits are set to your wishes

We have a big choice of attractions for your spa. Attractions are the right fun factor in your bath scenery. They give an individual touch to your swimming-pool and create a special atmosphere. We give you advice in the choice of your personal attractions and take care of an optimum of technical function. Water attractions like rain shower and waterfall lead to diverse swimming fun. Neck jet of water for the specific massage and a counter-current equipment for your personal fitness. No limits are set to your wishes. We give shape to your dreams.


Attractions give the final touch to your pool. Play, fun and relaxation in many variations.
A neck torrent equipment offers massage and relaxation for the strongly claimed neck and shoulder musculature. A real must for your bath arrangement. Massage nozzles offer endless bath pleasure. At least four massage nozzles are let into the pool wall and are driven by one single massage pump. Several people can use the highly installed nozzles for a specific partial massage at the same time. Out of a nozzle in the pool floor water strongly flows upwards in a stream and romps about like waves above the water surface.

In every bath wild spring nozzles are a special centre of attraction. The aerial admixture increases the effect. It is a real pleasure to float on the jet of water. Children like it very much, too! Beside the massage effect a waterfall is a real optical highlight for your swimming-pool. The most different creative implementations offer individual possibilities of arrangements. By the touch of a button at the pool the water turns to life and gets powerfully bubbly. A measureable current makes your swimming-pool to seem endless.

Countercurrent swimming: Swimming without turning against strong current. Underwater massage: Good for the circulation, holds young and elastic.

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