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Most different pool systems permit individual solutions for every claim and different local conditions. Here is a survey over different possibilities.
Which system is the most suitable for you? Let us give you advice, please...

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PVC-Pool PVC-Pool

Composite construction

Hard PVC and steel substructure

These swimming pools are made for you individually according to your wishes and can be delivered self-supportingly. The pool surface is already in a delivery state. There is no "shell". It is only the fixing of the substructure which has to be pre-set. These pools offer many possibilities of variation, e.g.: different pool forms and equipment with stairs, massage niches, level zones. Most pools are delivered as one piece. However, according to the local possibilities it also can be delivered partly. Architects and clients appreciate the short assembly time.

GFK-Pool GFK-Pool

GFK – Glass Fibre reinforced Plastic


GFK pools are delivered as one piece and are filled at the back on the site. All Pools are made out of GFK and by that are permanently watertight, very resistant to every temperature and chemical as well as to effects of the weather. You will have a stable sandwich construction with isolation included, a “shutter safety edge” and with a standing step fond of children. All installation parts are especially constructed for GFK-pools. Ground anchorage of galvanised steel at the upper pool edge in the concrete gives safe hold to the pool. Still after years the form of the pool keeps stable and safe.

Edelstahlbecken Edelstahlbecken

High-Grade Steel Pools

The metallic surface of high-grade steel is not as hard as you might think. On the contrary, it is velvety and smooth. The light breaks in a wonderful manner and shows the colour of the water to its best advantage. The pool itself is prefabricated in the workshop and delivered with the substructure.

Thermo-Massiv-Pool Thermo-Massiv-Pool

Thermo-Massive Pool

The largely extensive Polystryrol building stones allow an easy and clean use. This saves time. Filled with ferroconcrete, the hollow blocks form the massive pool body with own statics even for open standing pool walls. Thus within the shortest time (shell during approx. 1 day!) your THERMO-MASSIVE POOL is built. Robustly and solidly, for decades of perfect swimming pleasure.

Concrete Pool Concrete Pool

Concrete Pools

Pools in watertight in-situ concrete construction allow a far-reaching designing freedom of choice of forms. Integrated into the building the pool becomes part of the load-bearing construction and can – dependent on the situation – get a load-transferring function. Within the choice of the surface a wide spectrum of possibilities is available.

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