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Pelvic liners made of foil material are a good value and lasting alternative to other variations. The material is hygienic and kind to the skin. A whole series of colour variations are possible.

PVC Pool

PVC Pools

The pool surface of plastic pools is produced in the state of delivery already. There is no "shell" of the pool. It is only the anchorage of the substructure which has to be prepared. Hard PVC for swimming pools is free of plasticizer. It is absolutely resistant against every swimming-pool water temperature. Hard PVC is a Thermoplast and can always be repaired by welding or sticking. The surface of Hard PVC does not change in the course of years and is kind to the skin and easy to clean. PVC is available in different colours. PVC pools offer many various possibilities, e.g.: different pool forms and equipment with stairs, massage niches, lower level zones. Most pools are delivered as a single solid. However, according to the possibilities of delivery to the site it can also be delivered as separate parts.


High-Grade Steel Pools

The metallic surface of high-grade steel is not as hard as you might think. On the contrary, it is velvety and smooth. The light breaks in a wonderful manner and shows the colour of the water to its best advantage. The pool itself is prefabricated in the workshop and delivered with the substructure.


GFK Pools

All Pools are made out of GFK and by that are permanently watertight, very resistant to every temperature and chemical as well as to effects of the weather. You will have a stable sandwich construction with isolation included, a “shutter safety edge” and with a standing step fond of children. All installation parts are especially constructed for GFK-pools. Ground anchorage of galvanised steel at the upper pool edge in the concrete gives safe hold to the pool. Still after years the form of the pool keeps stable and safe.

Glass mosaic

Glass mosaic

There is almost no end to the various possibilities of glass mosaics. Every stone is unique for itself and surfaces of glass mosaics are full of liveliness and shine.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles

Like glass mosaic ceramic tiles offer a variety of forms and colours. The finish is tested, too, and proven 1000-fold. A whole lot of manufacturers offer special swimming-pool programmes with a large number of special forms, in particular for the channel shaping.

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